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The YouTube platform begins expanding the new YouTube Short feature

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Google has started, through its video platform, YouTube, to expand the base for using the new “YouTube Short” feature, which is intended for YouTube in turn to compete with the Chinese application “TikTok”, which achieved unprecedented success in a record period and was able to attract hundreds of millions of users across all parts of the world, with its strategy. And his new visualization, based on short videos.

YouTube, in turn, wants to launch a new feature that competes with TikTok, and here it comes to a new feature under test called Shorts, similar to what is available on the TikTok platform and the Reels platform for Instagram, where users will be able to access this feature from the YouTube platform On their smartphone, then record a brief video, if you like, vertical, with a duration of only 60 seconds, and it is possible to add a number of additions and features such as filters and effects with augmented reality and other features

The YouTube platform revealed this new feature Shorts mid-2020, as the company had started experimenting with this feature since then in the country of India exactly, which is the second largest global technical market after China and the first in the world for YouTube, and here it seems that the results It was very satisfactory for the company, as all the numbers indicate that this feature achieves 3.5 billion views per day, which is really a very huge number in only one country, which prompted it to indicate that it is looking to expand the feature. Shorts “to other markets during this year 2021, and it is starting to happen.

The YouTube platform, which is affiliated with Google, announced the launch of the YouTube Short feature in its beta version in the United States of America, which is the main local market for the company, of course.

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