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See the most wonderful tourist area can be visited in the spring

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Who among us does not dream of collecting his belongings and enjoying a tour, whether local or international, today I will share with you my experience with a trip that lasted more than three weeks to the southeast of Morocco and precisely the city of “Agdz”, which is a city located in the eastern center of Morocco. Between the cities of Ouarzazate and Zagora, meaning it is the axis between the two cities, it belongs to the province of Zagora. We can say that its location is near the Atlas Mountains, and one of the most beautiful things that can be mentioned when mentioning the city is Mount Kissan.

The city is supported on this majestic mountain that fascinates everyone who visits Agdz. It extends along the banks of the Draa River, which is the first on the national level. When we mention Daraa, we are on a date with the finest fruits, but the source of the fruit. Away from the Draa Valley and agriculture in general, I will tell you about the beauty of the buildings, especially the old reeds, which are considered a tourist destination par excellence. Very old buildings of dirt, palm wood and reeds, very simple tools and wonderful decoration, as well as very wonderful hotels. The city, as mentioned, is located in the national road. 9 Exactly between Ouarzazate, 65 km south and north, Zagora borders 92 km. And it includes about 6000 people. The majority of its inhabitants are Berbers. As for the significance of the name, it means “a place to rest” on the ancient caravan route that connects the city of Marrakesh to Timbuktu.

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