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Bill Gates prefers Android phones over iOS!

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Bill Gates, you certainly know him, yes how no, and he is a leader in the list of the richest in the world without long introductions. The richest businessmen in the world and one of the icons of the digital world, whose name has been associated with the giant Microsoft, is campaigning for a new book related to climate change, and in this context it was hosted “Bill Gates” during the past few days on the popular application “Clubhouse” in order to give his opinion on some matters related to the latter (the book).

Bill Gates was a guest on an audio panel on the “Clubhouse” app, to re-debate the historical dispute that still spills over between the two popular operating systems. Android and iOS, so that the digital world giant and the person who contributed a large part of what global technology has reached him, as well as Microsoft, revealed his favorite system, as well as the reason behind this choice, so here in Bill Gates’ sense, his preferred system remains the Android system.

It is known that Bill Gates expressed on several previous occasions that Android remains his preferred system, but he clarified his position more in this interview, which took place on “Clubhouse”, with journalist “Andrew Ross Sorkin” and “Paul Davidson”, one of the founders of Clubhouse, Bill Gates prefers the more open nature of the Android system environment, and my father in his view is considered more “flexible” especially about how software interacts with the operating system, then he added, “I am actually using an Android phone, and since I want to follow everything, I often I don’t play with iPhones, but the device I have with me is Android. “

Bill Gates also added, “Most Android phone makers pre-install Microsoft software in a way that makes things easier for me. They are more flexible about how the program communicates with the operating system. So I’m used to that, as you know that a lot of my friends own iPhones.” , So there is no purity! ” While some people came out in blog posts anticipating a response that might come from the other side, and the matter here is related to the billionaire “Elon Max”. My father became one of the winning cards for most companies, especially as he hits with the inclusion of a million accounts for every word he utters, especially since many companies have multiplied their shares Just double up with a word from the giant OneMax.
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