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Here is the Developer Preview 1.1 beta for Android 1

Written by adminviral

It was announced by Google that the second beta version “Developer Preview 1.1” of its new operating system “Android 12” had finally become available to developers, just two weeks after the launch of the initial developer Previe “1.0”, so that this will come The version with a number of improvements.

Although Google did not give enough information about Android 12, the images that were leaked during the past month by the famous “xda-developers”, a developer and credible site, gave special credibility to the leaked images, and reveals the perception that Google wants for the interface of its operating system. The new Android 12, or rather what we can envision or expect from this new system.

And the leaked images showed not only the way the main interface was designed for Android 12, but beyond that. Here too, we find that the new method that was chosen for the way notifications are displayed, as well as the shape of the frames used, in addition to the colors that may also be the user can change according to the desire he wants, In addition to some other differences from Android 11, which makes the first look at Android 12 reveals that it is similar to Samsung’s “One UI” interface.

With regard to the new beta version, “Developer Preview 1.1”, it is, as we indicated, a version intended for developers, and it came to fix the errors that were reported by those in the first beta version, and here the problems that were fixed in this version are focused in particular; On the problem of the device’s connection to the Wi-Fi network sometimes being disconnected in some devices even when the Wi-Fi signal is strong, as well as fixing the partial lock problem that causes excessive consumption of the battery and also fixing the problem of the device’s fingerprint reader not responding when the device is temporarily stopped This forces the user to unlock their devices using another alternative method.

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