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Learn about the most important skin benefits of bananas

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Banana, like many of the benefits that it has, it also contains many important nutrients that can not be hidden from anyone’s mind, as it contains a very large percentage of potassium, as well as antioxidants, in addition to a percentage of vitamins and minerals that the skin needs .

Bananas are fruits that are known to be eaten alone or as well as they are introduced into juices in order to give the thicker texture of the juice, and bananas are also used in the manufacture of sweets and also many dishes, which are considered one of the main foods in many countries around the world.
Here we will see the most important benefits of bananas for skin: Bananas are rich in vitamin “A”, which helps reduce the appearance of pimples as well as acne.
Banana also preserves the youth of the skin, due to its richness in antioxidants; Which combats free radicals and harmful to the skin.
The use of bananas is one of the biggest contributors to treating the skin from psoriasis, and it is also used with the addition of Yaa to relieve itching in the affected areas.
Banana peel is used to relieve eye puffiness only by placing it on the closed eyelid, and the benefits of bananas for the skin are also that it contributes significantly and significantly to lightening and unifying the color of the skin, as well as one of its benefits for the skin that it enhances the protection of the skin from sun damage. In addition to that, it also reduces inflammation and redness of the skin and helps moisturize the skin and protect it from dryness and cracks, and bananas work to renew dead skin cells and give them smoothness and freshness. Bananas also contain vitamin “C”, which works to reduce the appearance of dark spots. Bananas are a great help in promoting the production of “collagen”, which improves the quality of the skin. And also one of the most important benefits of bananas for the skin is that it increases the moisture of the skin, which helps to treat wrinkles and fine lines, and we do not overlook the benefits of banana peel for the skin as it is used to treat hyperpigmentation and hyperpigmentation is a type of disorder resulting from the high level of melanin in the skin, Here, some substances can be used to treat hyperpigmentation, but they may harm the health of the skin. Banana peel is also used to reduce skin infections, as banana peel contains a high percentage of phenols with strong anti-microbial properties, as well as antioxidants and infections, so that banana peel can help; Or banana peel extract to relieve skin infections as well as fight microbes that can cause inflammation and have countless benefits.

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