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Here’s how to make the traditional Moroccan carpet, which is popular with tourists and locals

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One of the most famous carpets in Morocco is the Berber carpet. It is found in the city of “Taznakht” and the city of “Ouarzazate” and the rest of the southern regions as well as the eastern ones. We find a difference between each carpet from one region to another. The carpet, with its varied and vibrant colors, and its unique and harmonious patterns, continues to captivate and entice fans of the carpet art, both Moroccans and foreigners.

What are the stages that the carpet industry goes through?

The Moroccan Amazigh carpet industry passes through several stages

In the first step, the wool of the sheep or ewes must first be available, then it is washed where women wash the wool, bleach it, comb it, wrap it and color it, then weave it.

The washing process is necessary because the wool comes directly from the pasture, and after that it is dyed in order to obtain the color that you want to manufacture in the carpet, by purchasing dye at the closest dye vendors, and it is a powder and it is mixed with water after that it is placed in a large bowl and placed in it to mix the dye On the color to be.

The sheep’s wool is sheared in an atmosphere of singing, and this work stops on religious holidays and on Fridays, which is the Muslim holiday.

Among the traditions of this craft is that the carpet makers meet with their neighbors and friends and begin the rituals of making the carpet in an atmosphere of singing and laughter and in every movement a variety of singing words are heard.

After shearing, washing and dyeing the wool, now comes the stage of combing and spinning the wool. It is combed with two combs to make it wet and in one direction.

After combing well comes the spinning stage, where it is rotated through a piece of wood as shown in the following picture

And now the stage of installing the threads begins and placing them straight and starting to install all the accessories and start making the carpet and this is the stage that takes place in the installation, weaving and programming of the carpet, such as programming a phone application
In the end, the carpet manufacture is finished, the threads are cut, and all the equipment is collected for another date and another carpet.

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