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Recover deleted numbers

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Hello everyone. I know that the majority, if not everyone, has numbers and contacts on his phone, and he has deleted them and wants to retrieve them.

Today I will share with you a very simple method to retrieve old numbers or contacts or folders that you deleted either willingly or by mistake, the issue is very simple, you will not need anything but to log in first with a Facebook account in one of your browsers,
Then you open a new window on your browser and copy the link that I will leave you at the bottom of the post and paste it in the window you opened or enter directly from the link below the post.
You can try this on all the Facebook accounts that you have had for a long time, for example Facebook accounts that have more than 10 years, When copying the link of your Facebook account and pasting it in the field of the site I will share with you, you will be surprised to retrieve old phone numbers that you had and forgot them personally
In order not to dwell on the explanation, I leave you discovering it yourself.  As well as for you the practical explanation in the following video:

Here is the link, copy it and enter it directly:
Copy the link

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